Characters | Major Silvio
Operating officer. Is in contact with agents and other sources of information. Since graduating in Captain San Luis Institute he has practiced for it was prepared. It is able to service agents and informants from different social backgrounds.

Born and raised in the neighborhood of Cerro in a family of workers. Since childhood he learned to defend himself and deal with different situations. His childhood and teenage was spent in the Estadio Latinoamericano and unity of DTI Sarabia; he had friends players and officials of the Ministry of Inner Affairs. Jovial character, given to teasing with tendency to relax the tensions of work.


To the team thar Fernando leads, Silvio provides a deep knowledge of "the street". With agents he is friendly, respectful, even loving, concerned but demanding the maximum.


Maintains a functional family, is a good father and cares, especially, with his son who is becoming teenager. Despite his job, he spends necessary time to his family and enjoys it.

Interpreter Omar Alí
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